About ASM

Our History:

The Abundance Stream Ministries were birthed out of a vision given to Senior Pastor Paul L. Brown at the onset of his pastorate. By utilizing the God given Biblical principles he received, Pastor Brown has nurtured the First Pentecostal Church into "a place of abundance." Since that time, Pastor Brown has maximized the opportunities to share the principles and lessons that God has given him with the body of Christ. To facilitate this, The Abundance Stream Ministries offers annual training conferences, periodic ministry retreats and mini conferences, A/V recordings and printed ministry resources.

Our Ministry:

Grabbing hold of the concept that "GOD has more than enough," the abundance stream has sought to share the gifts and resources GOD has given to the body globally. To date we have partnered with ministries in the United States, the Virgin Islands, Liberia, India and Jamaica. Our efforts with these ministries has strengthened the leadership skills and ministry mentoring practices at the local assembly. By sharing freely as Jesus did, we seek to glorify GOD, and assist others in the process of discipleship, growing the family of GOD one lively stone at a time.